Research and Educational Grants

* Clinical Robotics Research Grants
* Technology Research Grants
* Clinical Robotics Fellowships
* Standalone Simulator Loans

Intuitive Surgical Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of grants to support Clinical Robotic Fellowships, Clinical Robotics Research Grants and Technology Research Grants.

Purpose: The purpose of these grants is to support clinical work and research in the field of robotics.

Successful Clinical Robotics Research Grant proposals will address important clinical questions or support clinically-relevant technology development. Awards are conferred on a competitive basis by submission of a grant application.

Technology Research Grants will support technology research in the field of surgical robotics, or related fields. Successful proposals will address clinically-relevant technology development. Awards will be conferred on a competitive basis by submission of a grant application.

The Clinical Robotics Fellowship grant program is changing for fellowship programs located within the United States for certain specialties. Intuitive Surgical will begin funding certain future robotic fellowship grants through neutral clearinghouses for the application, review, selection and support of surgical fellowships that are not directly linked to commercial concerns.

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS)/ Bariatric / Hepatobiliary/ Thoracic / and Colorectal fellowships should apply for funding through The Foundation for Surgical Fellowships (FSF)

Gynecologic fellowship applicants should apply for funding through the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists (AAGL)

All Fellowships located outside of the United States and fellowships located in the Unites States for the following specialties (cardiac, OHNS and urogyn) can apply for funding through Intuitive Surgical Clinical Robotics Fellowship Grant program.

Standalone Simulator Loans are available for anyone interested in researching how to use new technologies for the training and development of robotic surgical skills. These equipment packages, consisting of a da Vinci Skills Simulator and not-for-human-use da Vinci Si Surgeon Console, will be loaned on a competitive basis by submission of a formal application.


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