da Vinci® Si Optional Dual Console

The da Vinci SI Surgical System offers a dual console used for both training and collaboration. During a dual console operation, each surgeon sits at his or her individual console and can see the same high definition images of the anatomy from the 3D endoscope (flexible tube with a camera and light at the tip). The dual console feature is a technical innovation that is a first in robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery.

Dual Console

When the dual console is used for training, control over instruments can be easily and quickly exchanged during surgery - meaning the teaching/mentoring surgeon can hand over control of the instruments to the resident/fellow at any time. This enables a see-and-repeat model of instruction designed to accelerate the learning curve.

For collaborative surgery with the dual console, two surgeons can operate in concert. While one surgeon performs the primary tasks of the operation, the second surgeon can assist with another task, such as retraction.

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