da Vinci Si HD System

Extended Features & Benefits

3D HD visualization

• World’s only robotic surgical system with 3D HD vision
• Two separate HD optical channels that merge for highly accurate depth perception
• Lightweight camera head features buttons for focus control, automated scope setup and illuminator control directly form the camera head
Surgeon's 3DHD View
Enhanced 3DHD visualization

User interface and ergonomics

• Integrated surgeon touchpad offers comprehensive control of video, audio and system settings
• Surgeon console features multiple ergonomic adjustments, allowing surgeons to customize four different parameters for added comfort during longer procedures
• An extensive array of wristed EndoWrist® instruments, available in 5mm and 8mm diameters, provides a wide selection of surgical tools for multiple specialties
• Fingertip controls allow for precise, dexterous control of the EndoWrist instruments and fingertip controls.
• Footswitch controls allow the surgeon to perform a multitude of tasks, such as swapping between different types of energy instruments
• A variety of time-saving features, such as one-step cable connectors, enable quick and efficient setup
• A motorized patient cart facilitates quick and controlled docking of the system to the patient
Integrated surgeon touchpad
Integrated surgeon touchpad

Multiple ergonomic adjustments
Multiple ergonomic adjustments

OR Integration and Expandability

• TilePro™ multi-input display allows the surgeon and OR team to view 3D video of the operative field along with two additional video sources such as ultrasound and EKG
• Widescreen touchscreen for telestration capability
• Boom compatibility allows vision system components to be installed on a ceiling-mounted boom to conserve OR floor space
• Expandable system architecture allows for upgrades and compatibility with current and future OR technology.
TilePro multi-input display
TilePro multi-input display

Touchscreen for telestration capability
Touchscreen for telestration capability

Dual console capability

Optional second surgeon console

• Enables two surgeons to collaborate during a procedure for da Vinci-enabled surgical assistance, or facilitate teaching
• Allows surgeons to exchange control of the instrument arms and endoscope
• Features built-in intercom to facilitate communication between surgeons while both are seated at consoles
Optional second console
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