da Vinci® Si: Integrated Technology & Data

The da Vinci Si System is designed to keep you at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery, allowing seamless integration with your current OR and the expandability to accommodate tomorrow’s HD video technology, high-speed networking and image guidance systems.

Dual console capability
An available second console allows two surgeons to collaborate during a procedure. Surgeons can exchange control of the instrument arms and endoscope using the surgeon touchpad, while a built-in intercom system facilitates communication. The addition of a second console enables:

* Two surgeons of the same or different specialties to collaborate on a single case.
* An immersive environment for training new da Vinci surgeons.
* A platform for existing da Vinci surgeons to more efficiently refine techniques and learn new procedures directly from their peers.

Boom compatibility
Addressing the increasing trend towards OR integration, vision system components may be conveniently installed on an OR boom (with optional upgrade). Stowage of the vision cart components on a user-provided boom can help maximize valuable OR floor space.

TilePro multi-input display
Allows the surgeon and the OR team to view 3D video of the operative field along with up to two additional video sources such as ultrasound and EKG.

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