da Vinci® Si: Surgeon Control & Comfort

da Vinci Si is engineered for simplicity to maximize ease-of-use and enable the surgeon and surgical team to achieve optimal case preparation and OR turnaround times.

Visual resolution
1080i HD resolution provides unsurpassed visual clarity for precise visualization of target anatomy.
Ergonomic settings
The console features multiple ergonomic adjustments, allowing surgeons to customize four different parameters for added comfort during surgical procedures.
Surgeon touchpad
An integrated surgeon control interface offers comprehensive control of video, audio and system settings. Settings are stored to a unique user profile, providing automatic recall for future cases.
Fingertip controls
Enhanced master controllers allow for precise, dexterous control of the EndoWrist instruments. Motion scaling settings enable seamless adjustments of hand-toinstrument movement ratios.
Footswitch panel
The footswitch panel enables the surgeon to perform a multitude of tasks such as swapping between different types of energy instruments, and is scalable to support future instrument applications.
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