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Our Commitment to Service

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At Intuitive Surgical, our priority is to achieve optimal customer satisfaction through superior product design, reliability and quality. With equal commitment, the company works to be recognized for the responsiveness and integrity of its customer service. Throughout our organization, we emphasize personal responsibility for creating value. This ensures that customer needs are everyone's focus.

To this end, our sales and technical support teams are available on-site and in-person to meet surgeon, institution and patient needs worldwide. Customer education and training, a key component of customer service, is available at training centers worldwide. These centers feature System, clinical and procedure training to serve surgeons and their teams.*

Finally, our Procedure Marketing and Marketing Communications teams can provide the support needed to build awareness of your robotic-assisted MIS initiatives and drive procedure volume. We are available to assist with strategic planning, marketing collateral and templates designed to help you develop custom marketing materials.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

Intuitive Surgical's goal is to create exceptional value for our customers. We create value by working harder to understand our customers’ needs; by developing differentiated products that exceed expectations, and by building efficiency into everything we do.

We believe that our success is continually built on the everyday actions of individual employees, and that each of us has the power to create customer value – every day.

All surgeries carry risks of adverse outcomes. While clinical studies support the use of the da Vinci Surgical System as an effective tool for minimally invasive surgery for specific indications, individual results may vary. For complete technical information, including full cautions and warnings, please refer to the product documentation.

Only surgeons who have developed adequate robotic skills to perform the tasks associated with each procedure and who have received specific training in the use of the da Vinci Surgical System should use the system. Training provided by Intuitive Surgical is limited to the use of its products and does not replace the necessary medical training and experience required to perform surgery. Intuitive Surgical does not teach surgery. Intuitive’s role is to facilitate peer-to-peer clinical teaching. Procedure descriptions are provided by independent surgeons.

Intuitive Surgical-sponsored presentations, instruction and promotional materials are intended for general information only and are not intended to substitute for formal medical training or certification. da Vinci® Surgical System training programs are not replacements for hospital policy regarding surgical credentialing. Certification, OR access and hospital privileges are the responsibility of the trainees and their institutions, not that of Intuitive Surgical. Intuitive Surgical does not provide or evaluate surgical credentialing.

Any demonstration during Intuitive-sponsored training or instructional material on how to use the system to perform a particular technique or procedure is not the recommendation or “certification” of Intuitive Surgical as to such technique or procedure, but rather is merely a sharing of information on how other surgeons may have used the system to perform a given technique or procedure. Clinical information and opinions expressed by training participants, including any inaccuracies or mistakes, belong to the individual. Information and opinions are not necessarily those of Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Nothing in Intuitive Surgical training curricula makes expressed or implied promises or commitments to the persons attending. This includes any promise or commitment that the trainee will be provided any specific product or technology in future or that the trainee will be certified to perform a procedure related to the curriculum.

Surgeon proctors are independent contractors. The prices listed for proctoring are for services rendered by the independent surgeon proctors. A list of surgeon proctors can be provided upon request. Intuitive Surgical does not take responsibility for proctoring services provided by independent surgeon proctors. The hospital/surgeon purchases the proctoring service as part of training they have independently determined to be part of their credentialing requirement; Intuitive Surgical’s role is merely to coordinate between the hospital/surgeon and the proctor. The proctors and the hospital/surgeon are always free to negotiate with each other directly.

The da Vinci® Skills Simulator™ is intended to augment, not replace, existing training programs for the da Vinci Si™ Surgical System. © 2013 Intuitive Surgical, Inc. All rights reserved. Product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. PN 874029 Rev B 10/13

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