In our continuing effort to bring value to patients, surgeons, and hospitals, Intuitive Surgical recognizes the importance of diversity of thought. As such, we incorporate student learning and participation into our company environment through an in-depth co-op program.

Co-ops at Intuitive Surgical work on substantive projects that have the potential to impact the future business of the company. In return, co-ops receive real-world experience that will be instrumental to their transition into a related profession following graduation, along with a high-potential opportunity to become a member of one of our teams.

Co-ops gain hands-on da Vinci Systems use and collaborate cross-functionally with our corporate technical teams.


If you are interested in a co-op position with Intuitive Surgical, please submit your application below. Co-op opportunities are available for Fall, Spring and Summer. There is a strong preference for co-ops to be available for at least two non-consecutive terms.

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