Slimmer jaws.1 Extended versatility.1

da Vinci Vessel Sealer Extend

da Vinci Vessel Sealer Extend

da Vinci Vessel Sealer Extend

Find four functions in one instrument with Vessel Sealer Extend from da Vinci® Energy.1 Get the versatility and agility you need to help enable efficiency in your procedure.1

da Vinci Xi Vessel Sealer Extend Comparative Jaw Profiles
Move and seal with agility.2

Use a 30% slimmer jaw profile for more precise dissection, grasp with a textured surface to secure tissue, then approach anatomy from the angle you prefer by articulating the wrist.

With the instrument in position, a longer electrode helps you confidently seal and cut vessels up to 7 mm in diameter or tissue bundles that fit in the jaws.2

da Vinci Xi Vessel Sealer Extend Versatility View
Get the versatility you need.2
Seal. Cut. Grasp. Dissect. Vessel Sealer Extend can help at any stage of the procedure by giving you enhanced access and control.2

Extend your seal and spot coagulate, reduce the need for an extra grasper, get better access to vessels, and create secure 90° seals and effective cuts.1,2
da Vinci Xi Vessel Sealer Extend Longer Electrode Grasping Capabilities
Control energy with confidence.2
Vessel Sealer Extend works seamlessly with the ERBE VIO dV® generator on the da Vinci X® and da Vinci Xi® surgical systems.

The generator dynamically adjusts power during the seal cycle to minimize thermal spread, then automatically stops the flow of energy when a strong, reliable seal is formed — one that can withstand up to three times normal systolic burst pressure.2

da Vinci Colectomy

Watch Vessel Sealer Extend in action during a colectomy procedure.

Da Vinci Hysterectomy

See how Vessel Sealer Extend enables enhanced access to the uterine vessels.2

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