Product Notifications

Providing safe, effective products is our first priority. As part of our commitment to safety and effectiveness, we continuously collect and evaluate product information to improve our technology. When we identify a potential product issue, we work closely with regulatory bodies, if needed, and communicate promptly with our customers.

This section of our site provides information about product replacements, corrections, withdrawals and recalls that are listed in the FDA's medical device recall database. When reviewing the FDA's database, please note: A single customer notification can cover multiple product or document part numbers (SKUs). The FDA assigns a unique number (a "recall number") to each affected part number. This could mean that one field action may be assigned multiple recall numbers.

If you have any questions about the information included, please contact our Customer Support Department toll-free at 800-876-1310. From outside the United States, please call +41.21.821.2020 or +800.0821.2020 (toll free) or email us.