The Next Frontier for
Minimally Invasive Surgery

The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System offers revolutionary anatomical access, crystal clear 3DHD vision, and a platform that supports da Vinci Xi technologies. At Intuitive Surgical, we're working to make minimally invasive surgery the standard-of-care in the modern day operating room.

Revolutionary Anatomical Access

The da Vinci Xi® System combines the functionality of a boom-mounted system with the flexibility of a mobile platform. This hybrid architecture enables placement of the surgical cart at any position around the patient while allowing four-quadrant anatomical access.

Place Ports with Confidence

The da Vinci Xi® Surgical System is equipped with thin arms and long-reach instruments for more flexible port placement.*

*Compared to the da Vinci Si® Surgical System

Get Started with the Press of a Button

Features like a guided walkthrough and voice assistance facilitate quick and precise setup.

Target Anatomy with Laser Precision

A laser targeting system takes the guesswork out of positioning the patient cart. Once the scope is attached, simply point it at the target anatomy and the system will position the boom in an optimized configuration for the procedure.

Integrated Table Motion

Integrated Table Motion enables the da Vinci Xi® Surgical System to connect to Trumpf Medical's TruSystem 7000dV Operating Table so that a patient can be dynamically positioned while the surgeon operates.

Important Safety Information